Link Dump Sunday: No piano pressure

Adam Stevens argues for more science in citizen science. Worth a look, although as I’ve written, I see value in the non-research elements of citizen science as well.

Curiosity, for example, is awesome, and citizen science can help pique it. Also, helping kids develop the skills they will need to ultimately enter a scientific career.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology highlights some of its citizen science projects, with particular focus on their use in education.

Citizen science results: The effect of climate change on butterfly flight; finding “lost” plant species.

New (to me) citizen science projects: Uncover Your Creeks (water quality monitoring in Vancouver, British Columbia); Secchi App (a worldwide phytoplankton study).

Miscellaneous birding tidbits.

Steven Brust sends an open letter to his editor. It’s funny.

Also funny: Weird Al Yankovic’s set-up for teaching his daughter the piano. If I ever teach music, I’m going to replicate this.


Link Dump Sunday: On Mars Time

This new weekly feature is simply a wrapup of cool stuff I’ve seen this week. Enjoy!

At Scientific American, Katie Worth writes about her experiences living on Mars time.

Wordcount ranks words by how often they are used. Commonest is 15,319th commonest. (Via the QI Elves.)

I’m going to be an uncle soon, and I’m about to be employed, which means that I have legitimate reason to look at kid’s toys. Right? I love biking, and I hope the kid does too, so this balance bike intrigues me.

This has been making the rounds, but still pretty funny: Goats Yelling Like Humans