The Book is Here!

The big excitement of my past couple of weeks is this:


It took a surprising amount of wrangling with UPS for it to actually get to me, but yes, that is my book, and it’s published and released and ready for reading.

There’s even a press release, which is pretty exciting. You can, of course, order your own copy. Local libraries will hopefully carry it as well, although that kind of decision happens on the local level. (So if you’d like to check it out of your library, you may need to suggest they order it first; most libraries have some procedure for patrons to recommend books for them to carry).

But enough of the shameless self-promotion, and a bit about the projects featured in the book. One of the things about book publishing is that it’s got a pretty long lead time. So watch this site for updates and news from the roughly 100 citizen science projects included in the book.


One thought on “The Book is Here!

  1. I got my copy from Amazon today and I am so thrilled to have been even a small part of this project. It’s an excellent book – and I will be promoting it to the point of becoming annoying. Congrats on a job well done!

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