An Accidental Businessmen

That’s the situation in which I find myself.

I left my job in May. I had a gig lined up—a book deal. (Much more about that to come!)

I wrote the book. It was exciting and great and also kind of mundane. I had a solid plan, and followed it, and the actual writing of the book was pretty drama-free.

And then what?

I had a boss previously who was fond of telling me that everyone is in business for themselves. But now, I literally am in business for myself, seeking out new projects to work on (and get paid for).

I’m not prepared for it. I mean, I’m good at what I do (writing, editing, and miscellaneous communications stuff), but I’m not prepared for truly being in business for myself.

And that’s even okay. I’ve got some breathing room to figure things out, and at least some ideas of how to go about it. And I’ve had some success at finding freelance gigs.

On this blog, hopefully, I’ll be able to document the figuring-out-process. I’m expecting it to be a very long-term project—like a decade or more. And I’ll probably have a regular job for a good while before I finally make a go for myself. But at the very least, this is a good chance to learn the earliest lessons.

(And before long, I’ll even have stuff like contact information, so you can hire me to do things for you. Which will be good for both of us, because I’m good at doing things and I would like to do them for you.)


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