Video contest

One of the strange things of unemployment that I’m now enjoying is the time that I have to do stuff. And some of these things are stuff that I normally never would have any inclination for.

Such as this:

This is a video that I made for Tootsie Pops’ “How Many Licks” contest. The contest is pretty straight-forward (make a video that answers the question from the old ads). While my natural tendencies aren’t toward shilling for candy, I’ll admit I had a great time coming up with the video and figuring out how to make it. The threads you can see; I hope that I managed to get what used to be a bicycle wheel completely out of frame throughout. Also, apart from the blast-off section, all of this was shot in my shower.

I’ll probably be doing more of this kind of contest in the near future, both for the pleasure of making things and the potential of winning fabulous prizes (which would be nice for, you know, paying rent and stuff.) Which reminds me: If you’re interested in helping this one win, vote for it. (I think you’ll need a Facebook account, and that you’ll need to allow it to install the voting app.) Thanks!


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