Sciencey Vids: This is a Galaxy

This is the second installment of my Sciencey Vids, a picture-based music video about astronomy. And a few other things, including Daleks, rubber duckies, Halle Berry, Glenn Beck, port-a-potties, inflatable sheep, and pregnant cakes.

What did I learn from this one? I’ve actually never done a photo-based video like this, and it’s not a strategy I’m going to go out of my way to use again. Finding the images, and making sure they are public domain or Creative Commons-licensed, was awfully time-consuming. I’m not really a fan of the technique overall, although I think it’s effective for this particular video. I certainly have a better sense of what NASA offers and how to find it now!

The music is quite simple, but despite or because of that, I’m pleased with the effect. I got to explore some of the instruments available in my keyboard, in particular a couple of specialized ones that I wouldn’t have thought would have much use.

Hope you’ll watch it and find it infectious.

[Edited to add: The frame that appears as the video tease was automatically generated and unintentional. But utterly delightful.]


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