Introducing: Sciencey Vids

While much delayed from what I originally intended (it was filmed back in October), I finally completed and can share “North Pond Nature.”

As you might guess, this is a video of some of the wildlife that lives in and around North Pond—specifically, the North Pond in Lincoln Park, Chicago. The soundtrack is composed of the calls of birds that live in or migrate through the area.

It’s also the debut of Sciencey Vids, a new endeavor of mine. The channel will consist of offbeat, interesting, fun, and memorable videos on a wide range of scientific topics.

What’s my goal? There are several. First off, I like making videos, and I like science, and I like learning things, so this is a pretty perfect way to combine the three. Plus, I think these will be interesting challenges. I’ve never done anything like the soundtrack in this one, for example, and there should be a lot more where I’ll be figuring out the technique as I go.

Second, I’m available for contract work. So if you like what you see, and you want me to develop and make videos for your company or organization, get in touch with me at scienceyvids at hotmail dot com.

Third, I’ve been looking hard at what I want to do as a career, and one position that I’ve identified that might be a dream job would be a communications position for a museum. So I’m hoping that this might lead to that type of job—or, more likely, be a point in my favor when applying for that type of job.

Of course, points two and three may not come to pass. But even so, point one is enough.

Hope you enjoy!


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