What I Made This Week

Or, more accurately, what went wrong this week. I was sick, which pretty much knocked me out for three days, and what I’ve done since then has taken a lot of time with little visible progress.

* Week 5 of Unicorn City. This was the last night for one of our actresses, who is missing our closing night next week because she got cast in Cats. Which means…

* Had a pick-up rehearsal for Unicorn City to work in her replacement. Who happens to be the director. And a different gender. This may be interesting.

* Most of the rest of my free time was spent working on a video about volunteering for the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, where I am a volunteer. I spent a few hours yesterday, and will spend a few hours today shooting video. (I’ll also be doing a few of my traditional volunteer tasks, which is running some of the programs.)

*Some incidental work on “Bob” (the song) and the novel that’s related to Unicorn City, although not really enough to count much. Hopefully I’ll get a good chunk done tonight, although time has a way of slipping away when you’re already busy.


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