What I Made This Week

Relatively quiet week on the making front. That’s partly because I’m still a bit in recovery mode after the opening of Unicorn City, and partly because I’m tackling some of the things (that massive pile of dishes, for example) that I wasn’t bothering with before opening.

Still, things made include:

Unicorn City, Week 2.

Go Go Green 5K video and North Pond Nature. These need a bit of explanation. One job that I’d like to have is a communications position for a museum. In hopes of garnering the attention of an organization that might give me such a job (as well as for the pleasure of creation and because I’m interested in the topics) I’m planning to make some cool science-y videos. North Pond Nature is the first of these. It’s a relatively straight-forward video of the variety of animals that can be found at the North Pond in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, with a soundtrack composed of the calls of birds in the area.

The Go Go Green 5K video is something that I’m doing for the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, where I already volunteer. It’s a more newsy video about the Go Go Green 5K race, which happened yesterday.

The Go Go Green 5K video is almost done; there’s just a couple of details that I need to confirm with the museum. I’ve finished shooting North Pond Nature (I think) but haven’t started editing yet.

Weathered Adolescents. This is a Three Legged Race web series. It’s also a project that’s close to finished—at least, my part of this season. This week I incorporated a few reshoots of material that we either didn’t have the first time or had egregious continuity errors. I still need to incorporate some music for transitions, and add titles, and probably do one last go-through to check it all out.


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