What I Made This Week

As a way to keep myself accountable, Sundays will be when I record what I actually did that week.

My big accomplishment, obviously, is the opening of Unicorn City. I suppose that’s more a “What I made this year” than this week—writing began a bit over a year ago—but given that it actually got finished this week, it counts.

Most of my spare time this week was devoted to running lines, but I did also make one prop: A box of Lambalongs, those tasty chocolate, peanut butter, shortbread, and mutton cookies sold by the Aathenaar Maiden Scouts. Since I Photoshopped existing images together, I shudder to think what my search history currently says about me.

What’s in progress?

Weathered Adolescents, a Three Legged Race web series. I’m editing half of it and it’s mostly done; I need to incorporate some footage from re-shoots, and then work up things like titles and scene transitions.

1994 and not-yet-named unicorn thingy: Neither of these are past the idea stage, but one of these will be my next big solo project. Not sure which, but that will be decided sometime this week.


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