Music: Always the Moon

Of late, I’ve been working to prepare for my first-ever actual ukulele performance, which will be next Tuesday as the musical guest at Democracy Burlesque at Mary’s Attic at 7:30. So I’ve been spending a lot of time lately working three songs—coincidentally, the three I’m planning to play—in hopes of not utterly humiliating myself. I’m pretty confident I’m to that point, so now I’m working to get to the not-make-any-errors point, which may be tricky. I’ve not been playing long, you see.

Anyhow, this is one of the songs that I’m planning to perform, and the only cover song. It’s “Always the Moon” by Jonathan Coulton, who is the reason that I took up uke. (There are a couple of ukulele players who he has been known to have accompany him, so I figured, why not me?) It’s got a pretty clear “You fucked me so go screw yourself” vibe underneath the creation and apocalypse myth, so it’s been, shall we say, meaningful for the past year or so.


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