Rabid Fans

So, on Monday, I posted a new song, “Katherine Heigl,” to YouTube.

I’m really not mentioning that solely to plug it again. (Even though I am pretty proud of it.) Really, I’m mentioning it to comment on its commentators.

There are, apparently, hordes of rabid Katherine Heigl fans.

And I thought she was just something people accepted as one of the hazards of modern life, like Two and a Half Men, but apparently people really are passionate about her.

Well, two people. But considering that the video only has 36 views so far (I’m only famous in the future, not famous now*), extrapolating that out to the entire country means that some 16 million people in the US would squeal involuntarily if she wears a new lip gloss.

The first comment came approximately eleven minutes after I posted the song, from user ohmygosling, who wrote “If you’re sick of her, then don’t watch her movies, nobody’s forcing you to. Geez.” Then, a few seconds later, just to really zing me, she added “And here you are saying how there’s too much of her, and you’re just adding to that by singing a song about her.”

I guess you have to respect that kind of passion. Or you would, if it were focused on anything remotely worthwhile.

Anyhow, ohmygosling has a Twitter account where she gushes not just about not just the divine K.H., but also Friends, How I Met Your Mother, “Lobster”, “Mondler”, and “Lexie.” I assume those last three are characters from something. That’s just the front page of her Twitter feed, incidentally; going any further might be creepy and certainly isn’t necessary under the guise of research.

Ohmygosling is also 22, according to the YouTube profile, so maybe that explains some things.

Even more, ahem, interesting, would be the second Heiglaniac, Kat4luv, who wrote “Katherine Heigl, Katherine Heigl, Katherine Heigl, Katherine Heigl , Emmy winner!! yay!! I love her so, please please please I want Katherine Heigl’s photos, news, movies, interviews, what ever, hell, 2 years, 2 f*cking years & no Heigl on red carpet, that’s cruel, no it’s a crime, over expose? my foot.”

She’s 40, according to her profile, which is kind of sad. Not that she’s 40, but that she still has the ability to get so offended over a comedy song.

Ah, I’m not here to judge, and certainly not to complain. I’m here to share comments that I found incredibly amusing. I guess that’s actually kind of judging, but oh well.

*Oh, and I’m perfectly willing to be hypocritical. When I’m famous, I want my fans to deliver verbal (not physical) smackdowns to anyone who says anything bad about me**.

**Not really. Should I become famous, I think I’ll be able to deal with it if anyone writes a ukulele song about my overexposure.


2 thoughts on “Rabid Fans

  1. Well if you write a song complaining about someone you have to expect some people to disagree with your opinion. 🙂

    Of all the people you could have picked on – such as the Paris Hilton’s or Kim Kardashian’s of the world – Katherine Heigl was a pretty poor choice. Unlike the aforementioned she is a very talented actress and personally the more exposure she has the better as far as I am concerned.

  2. I’d say that Katherine Heigl was the only worthwhile choice, actually. Mocking Paris Hilton — why bother? That’s why she exists, and there’s no wit or insight needed. Katherine Heigl may very well be talented, but the reasons I know her are her bickering with people on her TV show and omnipresent ads for “The Ugly Truth.”

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