Brand-New Song: “Katherine Heigl”

I’ve been playing ukulele for about six months now. So I’m obviously still a beginner, but at the same time, the improvement is also clearly showing. Case in point: I recorded this new song in four takes. Yeah, you can hear a couple glitches here and there, or at least I can, but it isn’t bad. By comparison, the last original song that I put on YouTube, “Mayan Apocalypse Chord“… well, I don’t remember how many takes, but I know that it took more than 45 minutes of tape.

Audio-only version at the Internet Archive.

The story of this one is pretty straight-forward. It’s a reaction to celebrity overexposure in general, and hers in particular. I actually wrote the lyrics some time ago, I think when The Ugly Truth came out, and out, and out, and out, and out. But it took until now for me to be emboldened enough to try writing music for it. That is, I suppose, a logical and quite nice effect of FAWM.


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