Joy in Art

Well, I’m back. Again. I completed FAWM, proudly, which is the cause of my absence. There’s some definite value in having a short period to do a big job, but it tends to consume your life. Anyhow, in my pseudo-rest period (I’m not working too hard on anything for the next week, unless you count After, Life, which you probably should, or my actual job, which you probably should too) I came across these and have been playing them pretty constantly.

Yep, it’s the videos for OK Go’s “This Too Shall Pass,” and no, I’m not the first to note their genius. So let’s get more precise.

What I want to note about it is the utter joy on the lead singer’s face.

Now, I realize life is not always joy, sadly, and even art is not always joy. What a shame.

Can joy be created? I think maybe so: By doing wonderful things and deciding to take joy in them. There have been times lately that I’ve lost sight of that. Not completely shocking—been crazy busy and under constant deadline pressure—but now that things are quieting down I’m realizing that while the work is, in a lot of cases, at least decent, but the joy was missing.

I think a fair question to ask at the end of any day is, what have you done to create joy? Some days, well, it’ll be just getting stuff out of the way so there will eventually be room for the real stuff. But hopefully, more and more of them will have that actual good stuff, or at least the active early stages of it.


One thought on “Joy in Art

  1. Thank you for giving me somehting to think about. I try to create joy-at least its images and colors-in my art and yes, often I miss. But reaching for it, aiming for it, must count. We aren’t perfect, we don’t hit our target every time. In anything. As the song says “it’s the climb.” Our lives are a day to day process of reaching, seeking, aiming. But when we do hit it, man it’s great. Especially (for me anyway) when I make a piece of art that creates that open heart in me, that feeling of joy.
    Good luck in your endeavors.

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