FAWM, Day 1

My creative work for the next month is going to be devoted to February Album Writing Month. Except for, you know, the show, or that other show.

The bulk of my songs, if not all of them, will be for Unicorn City, which Three Legged Race is hoping to mount this fall, so there’s definitely some time pressure.

Today I wrote lyrics for song one, “Where the Unicorns Are.” It’ll be the opening number. I can’t say that I’m pleased with it, but then, that’s not really the point.

I had to play around with a few different concepts on this one, eventually settling on Pinchal the bard (who has a major, but sort of an outsider role) trying to ascertain whether or not this trip will provide what she is actually looking for, and letting the rest of the characters introduce themselves and the town through the song.

It doesn’t exactly work, though, and I think the reason is that too few of the other characters really like the town, and none of them are easy to introduce in the amount of time they have. So I’m trying to do too much, and as a result not doing much of anything. Also, it could probably stand to be a bit less literal.

Oh well. If all goes well, tomorrow I’ll have a recording to share.


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