Bitchslapped by Burnout

Well, I’m back.

Not that I was gone, except for a 4-day period when I was technically in Boston (of which I saw the convention center, my hotel room, a couple of chain restaurants down the street from the hotel, and the fact that Sinbad apparently is still alive.)

But the three-week-or-so sabbatical from writing, a period of burnout triggered (though not caused) by some spectacularly bad laundry room techniques—I’m calling it done. I needed the break; things were getting UnFun, but now I need it to be in the past.

(This happens to me periodically. Not much to fear.)

February is shaping up to be, well, insanity. Most notably, FAWM, which I don’t have time for, but I am going to do anyway. But also, I’ve got rehearsals for Three Legged Race‘s new show After, Life starting on Saturday, and another show at Gorilla Tango, Improvised Joss Whedon, that opens in February. Much more about them later. Oh, yeah, and there’s also work, of which the fallout from those four days in Boston still needs to be dealt with, as well as a major project that has to be done by March. So for the next month, basically, I don’t get to sleep. Oh well.

Anyhow, this crappy little post is just here to get me to post again. I’ll be entertaining/funny/coherent/less whiny soon. See you then.


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