Monthly Metapost: Happy New Year Edition

Happy new year! Good bye and good riddance to 2009. Much better things are in store for 2010. (Including something that I’ll be announcing at the end of this post—but you’ll have to read on or else just master that little scroll button thingy in your mouse to find out!)

What’s this blog for? Self-promotion for me and entertainment for you.

My goal is to write novels for a living. Specifically, comedic novels with an occasional science fiction bent. So here I’m sharing my writing, in hopes that you’ll enjoy it so that when I do start to get books published, you’ll be interested in buying them.

I also perform improv comedy, write and perform in theater and on video, and write music*, so the blog will also contain samples and promotion in those fields, as well as occasional thoughts on the various crafts.

Like what you see? Wonderful! Like what you see and want to help me out? You can: subscribe to the blog (the RSS feed is at the end of the right-hand sidebar) or my Twitter feed (, which right now is pretty much filling the same function. You can also comment, and link to the site.

And if you see anything that you think friends would enjoy, send them over, won’t you? Word-of-mouth is awesome.

* “Write music” is perhaps a strong term. I’m an award-winning lyricist (which is less impressive than it sounds) but pretty much inept at the creating-the-music part. That’s something I’m planning to work on, and even “composed” a brief little 3-chord motif for a beginner’s contest on Ukulele Underground.


Project Optimism logo

Project Optimism is a new, well, thing that I’m doing. The basic concept? I’m going to work to keep a positive outlook through 2010. This is a big change for me.

The site isn’t going to be your bog-standard gassy inspiration tripe. It’s going to have creative swearing, for one thing. Intrigued? Head on over.


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