Continuity and Such (or, Greg is a little ball of insecurities, oh won’t you please love him?)

I enjoy making movies. And I have a lot to learn.

That’s really not a dig at my skills. As part of the efforts to promote Three Legged Race videos, the group members have been watching and commenting on videos on YouTube, Blip, Funny Or Die, and other sites. The stuff that we’re doing is a lot more ambitious and a lot more nearly professional than the average random comedy clip.

It’s just that when I’m editing the video together, flaws just jump out at me. Some of it is equipment; the camcorder that we’re using was entry-level several years ago, and we’ve got no supplemental lighting so we’re stuck with whatever lamps exist where we film. I do my editing in Final Cut, which is high-level software, but that also has a drawback. I’ve been using it regularly for about a year (My day-job responsibilities include a video site), and while I’ve got the basics down, there are still capabilities that I have no idea about. The manual is a PDF that runs something like 1,300 pages, and while it’s about as accessible as something like that could be, it still ain’t bathroom reading.

There are also errors in directing that become stunningly obvious as I wade through footage, both in artistic choices and in technical matters. The technical things actually bug me more. In the Pissed-Off, Pissed-On Santa, for example, let’s count the continuity errors. There’s Santa’s right hand at 0:22, Ralph’s shoulder at 0:46, Santa’s disappearing hands at 1:54, Santa’s magic pointers at 2:15, and the positioning of Santa’s pee-soaked trousers at 2:35. (And with a teaser like that, shouldn’t you go watch the vid?)

Anyhow, maudlin as that seems, I’m still quite proud of what 3LR is doing so far, so I hope you’ll watch. Just accept that quality will continue to rise.


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