Monthly Metapost

Hey there! This is my once-a-month, “Who exactly is this Future Famous Author Greg Landgraf guy, anyway?” post.

This blog exists for me to share my writing, which is generally comedic fiction with some science fiction bent. So I hope you enjoy it. In the mid-term, I hope to publish a novel, and then a whole bunch more novels, such that I’m able to make a living at it. And so I’m hoping that this blog will serve a self-promotion function that will make the “making a living” goal ultimately achievable. I say that in the interest of full disclosure, not to imply any obligation on your part.

I also perform improv comedy, write and perform in theater and on video, and write music*, so the blog will also contain samples and promotion in those fields, as well as occasional thoughts on the various crafts.

Like what you see? Wonderful! Like what you see and want to help me out? You can: subscribe to the blog (the RSS feed is at the end of the right-hand sidebar) or my Twitter feed, which right now is pretty much filling the same function. You can also comment, and link to the site, and tell friends who might enjoy my work.

Hate what you see and want to tell me what an idiot I am? Don’t bother. I have a job where I have the joyous opportunity for that any time I want and then some. You don’t want to be redundant, do you?

* “Write music” is perhaps a strong term. I’m an award-winning lyricist (which is less impressive than it sounds) but pretty much inept at the creating-the-music part. That’s something I’m planning to work on, and even “composed” a brief little 3-chord motif for a beginner’s contest on Ukulele Underground.


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