Editing by Character

I’m in the midst of editing Unicorn City right now, and enjoying the solitary nature of it. I’ve been involved in a few non-solo editing expeditions—including one notable experience where a fellow “listened” to my scene while playing darts, then stopped me before it was done to tell me how it “should have ended.”

Good times.

Editing is important. Except for when people use the process as an opportunity to hear themselves talk rather than to actually address the piece. Which, well, happens a lot.

I may rant about this in depth at some point.

Unicorn City, at least, is going well. I’m about half done with the edit. I’ve been editing by character, rather than sequentially, which is an approach I’ve never taken before, but it seems to be working here.

The show started as a sketch show called Tales from Aathenaar. It started with Zeb the stableboy, who resents the unicorns that everyone else loves because, well, he takes care of them and sees what comes out of their backsides. But the characters weaved together well, and worked into a single plotline.

So far I’ve cleaned up Pinchel the bard, heightening her cheesiness as well as her inner goodness; Emmaline, the woman with a secret, who got the implications of that secret much better defined, and Brange, the petty tyrant baron and owner of the unicorns. Left are Ek, the destitute peasant, who has a solid grasp of economic principles and yet takes pride in his position in society; Wajida, the witch exiled from town due to a youthful indiscretion but still a great benefactor, and Xander, the lead unicorn.


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