The Vengeance Factor

I’m an angry person, but not, as it turns out, a vengeful one.

The opportunity presented itself recently to take revenge on some people who betrayed me pretty impressively earlier this year. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that if you conduct business by e-mail, and you screw someone over, you should make sure that that person’s e-mail isn’t still on anything official.

But, no, I’m not going to cancel on their behalf. I don’t really know why. Perhaps it’s nobility, you know, like taking the high road. More likely it’s fear. Not necessarily of retribution—I don’t think there’s anything they can do that they couldn’t do anyhow—but of hurting people out of proportion to what they deserve or people who are just innocent bystanders or at all.

My anger combined with my pretty spectacular guilt reflex makes for some interesting viewing, let’s just say.

It’s not a total lost. Retribution will be a factor in a couple of upcoming writing projects. The Dirty Hippie Murders (or, more likely The Clean Hippie Murders) will have it as a sort of side theme—it’s going to be central to one of the defining events in one of the main character’s lives, even though that event happens well before the events of the book. And vengeance will be a central theme to Receptacle, which will deal with a group of people picked at birth for a fairly sad sort of existence, and their efforts or inabilities to take revenge upon discovering this fact.

That’s a bit in the future, though. Currently I’m about 11 pages into a sketch show called Tales from Aathenaar, which seems very much to want to be a play (or more likely, musical) called Unicorn City. Either way, it involves unicorns. In combat boots.

PS: 4 more weeks of Front for Evil, my current sketch comedy, running Fridays at 10:30 at Chicago’s Apollo Studio Theater at 2540 N. Lincoln.


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