Can I Call It A Book Yet?

Well, no, not really. But I can call it something, because today I finished the first draft of the novel.

Is it good? Of course not.

That’s not even a self-dig. When I started the book (in March, if you count the very first words I wrote on it, or about six weeks ago, if you count when I started working on it in earnest) I had absolutely nothing planned. So the fact that this first draft has a bunch of things that change names, and a number of places where I’m just treading water figuring out what to write next, and a bunch of cool stuff that’s seeded but which never truly develops into anything, isn’t really a problem. The purpose of the draft was to get it out so that I can see what’s there and start shaping it in the next draft.

There are solid accomplishments in this draft beyond simply completing it, too. I’m pretty much satisfied with the overall plot, and there are a number of sections that just work. (Most recently, a survey on the effectiveness of a community policing effort.)

I’m calling it Exile Issues for now, which is getting closer to the right title, although I don’t think it’s right yet.

And enough of that for now. I’m going to spend some time (roughly a month) not thinking about the book before starting on the second draft. During that time, I’ll be working on Tales from Aathenaar, a sketch comedy show. I can tell you that that one will be set in a fantasy realm, where not nearly enough sketch comedy is set, and it’s going to have some decidedly militaristic unicorns, which also don’t show up nearly enough. (The unicorns may use the Meow Mix theme as their battle cry, but I’m not sure if that will work out.)


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