Romance and Finance

Astute observers will notice that the name of this blog has changed. (In fact, it’s very unlikely that anyone will. I haven’t even told my friends and family about this, so the only ones who see it are people who hit it by random web searches.)

I’ve declared myself to be a Future Famous Author. This is intended to be Roguish Charm, rather than an actual goal. Fame is not a particular goal. My goal is to be able to support myself as an author of comedy novels (and perhaps other things) rather than, well, whatever it is I do now.

And yet, the goal of this blog is self-promotion: the development of fame. A horrible contradiction.

The reason: I don’t want fame, per se, but I would like to be known/popular/whatever enough that I’m able to sell enough books to be able to make enough money to live on. I have enough experience with producing theater to realize that that doesn’t simply happen. Thus, self-promotion efforts like this blog.

The title of this post comes from something that the head of accounting at my place of work says: “Without finance, there can be no romance.” In other words, you don’t have to care about money in and of itself, but you do need to take care of it in order to be able to do what you do care about.

What does it mean for the blog? Pretty much nothing, really. I promise to work to be entertaining or intriguing or interesting or at least something along those lines. I hope you enjoy.

And, of course, that when I start publishing books, that you purchase them. Possibly many copies.

In other blog news, you can see now see what I’m working on in the right sidebar. The book is right about half done, which feels like a real thing now, even though it still seems a bit pretentious to say that I’m writing a book.


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