The Prophecy

A quick and easy post today; this is a segment from the novel I’m writing. To set up: Nathan is a three-eyed alien who has kidnapped the narrator. Carla has inadvertantly stowed away on Nathan’s airship. (It’s not a space ship; Nathan’s been exiled and he’s kidnapped the narrator to force him to help him prove his innocence so he can return home.) I actually wrote this passage a few weeks ago, but today it found a home.

“I like the third eye,” Carla interjected. “It gives your face a nice symmetry.”

“Don’t get attached to it,” Nathan said. “I won’t have it much longer.”

“Why not?”

“It is an ancient prophecy, told to me by Nai’ar the high priestess. She assured me that it could refer to no one else.” Nathan lowered his voice and rasped in smoky tones. “While in exile, you will be stabbed in an eye.”

Carla had even stopped wheezing in anticipation of the prophecy, and it was obvious she expected more. “Aren’t most prophesies a bit more vague and mysterious?”

All three of Nathan’s eyes popped wide. “What value would that provide?”

“It would let you know that something’s important,” Carla insisted, defensively.

“I believe the importance of being stabbed in the face will be sufficiently apparent to me, when the day comes.”

“I guess. But prophesies should be romantic.”

Nathan grunted. “I prefer romance with females,” he declared. “In fact, I’m not certain how one could be romantic with a prophecy. Can you explain to me?”

Carla considered this prospect, and decided she couldn’t with a curt “No.”


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