Setting Priorities

This blog, while hopefully it has some entertainment value, has a different true purpose: My hope is that a) I will be able to make a career as an author and b) in the long term, this will prove to have some self-promotional value for that career.

The blog fits into my life in kind of a strange way. How much energy to devote to it? It’s tough to justify; it has essentially no self-promotional value yet (although a few people have found it searching for things like “airport porn”, “scrotum pictures”, and “sweet and kinda creepy”) and every minute that I spend on it is time that I’m not writing for potential profit.

It seems to be settling around 2 posts a week, which works for me.

I have, frankly, too many projects, so all of them fit into my life a bit strangely. I have, fairly recently, settled on the book that I’m writing as priority number 1(ish). The book (we’ll call it “Very Bad Magazine” for now, although I’m quite certain that that won’t be the final title) achieved that standing because I realized that I’m looking for something life-changing, and that other projects (among them, a play, a sketch comedy show, and finally learning piano adequately to accompany my own lyrics) weren’t going to do that. Getting a book published… well, there’s no life-changing guarantee, but there is potential.

I’m working on it at a clip of about 4,000 words a week. That’s certainly nothing astonishing, but it’s steady enough that a completed novel is a finite and even reasonable period of time away. It’s also not even really my sole #1 priority. I’m also performing (and co-wrote) Front for Evil, a sketch comedy that opens August 7. That won’t lead to a new career, but it is going to make my current one more enjoyable. Plus, it’s very definitely happening, and it’s happening with other people who are relying on me, so the idea of dropping it is inconceivable even if I wanted to.

There’s also the National Gelatinous Cube Attack Hotline, a webseries (for lack of a better term) that is better than 2/3 done. Dropping that would just be stupid, considering the labor that has gone into it so far. (It’s also hopefully going to be promotion for Three Legged Race, the group that’s mounting Front For Evil–another point in its favor.)

I don’t always even follow my priorities. A novel idea sprung into my head yesterday while I was biking. (I’m exercising too, which might be considered co-priority-number-one, but more about that another time.) Part of that idea was three nearly fully-formed scenes. So I wrote them up yesterday and today, rather than letting myself forget them. Within reason, I think, that’s okay, but too much and it just becomes procrastination.

I have to admit that I have a tendency to drop major projects before they’re done. So I guess beating that habit is the real priority #1. I have some reason for optimism, I think, but, well, I can’t claim to see the future.

Anyhow… this has been an awfully navel-gazing post. Sorry about that. And I’m also sorry if you’re looking for scrotum pictures or airport porn, because this one has neither.

I swear, next time I’ll make an attempt to be interesting.


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