Celebrity, Wi-Fi, and Tenses that Will Have Gotten Away From Me

Related to job-I-tried-and-failed to quit, tonight I’m having my greatest brush with fame so far. (My previous peaks were meeting singer-songwriter Jill Sobule and a couple of people from the Sonic commercials—and the Sonic people were before they were in the commercials.)

Tonight I’m going to a taping of NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me! Prior to the show, I’ll be interviewing comedian Paula Poundstone and scorekeeper/announcer Carl Kasell. Poundstone is the celebrity spokesperson for one of the units of the place where I work, so I’ll be talking to her and taking video in that capacity. (That’s ample information to determine where I work, so there’s really no need to keep it anonymous. Of course, you could also figure out where I work by Googling me, so there never really was.)

I’m a bit nervous, which is silly. It’s going to be ten minutes and then it will be done. I even want to do a good job, which is also silly, considering my attitude towards the job. On the other hand, this is a case where how it comes out pretty much is a reflection of my ability. Stupid Midwest German Lutheran pride-in-work.

I’ll certainly write about how it comes out. Probably either tomorrow or Wednesday (in between will be solid 15-hour days). Although it may be tomorrow by the time I actually post this (I’m writing away from a wireless connection), in which case, well, you’ll just have to work out the grammar for yourself, because I’m not going to rework it.


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